Zen Meditation Reduces Physical Pain

There does not seem to be any end to humanities search for ways to deal with pain. Zen meditation has long been known as a powerful method of pain mitigation; however, a study has just been published in  Emotion, the American Psychological Association journal, which is rekindling the debate over the possible benefits to be had from this ancient practice. “Through training, Zen meditators appear to thicken certain areas of their cortex and this appears to underlie their lower sensitivity to pain,” explained lead author Joshua A. Grant. “We found a relationship between cortical thickness and pain sensitivity.” Grant went on to explain that meditative practices can be helpful for pain management, for any condition where the grey matter is compromised such as stroke or for preventing normal age-related grey matter reductions. “The often painful posture associated with Zen meditation may lead to thicker cortex and lower pain sensitivity.”

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Buy a Portable FIR Sauna and Help a Ten Year Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Get Therapy!

HEALTHandMED.com needs your help. Our goal is to raise $1,500 for one year of therapeutic horseback riding lessons for ten year old Ginger Roth. She has cerebral palsy and this treatment has been crucial for her progress. Starting right now, HEALTHandMED.com will  donate 5% of revenues from all portable FIR-Real Portable Sauna purchases for Ginger’s therapy. Ginger can receive her necessary therapy only with the help of donations because she lives with her mother who was laid off last year due to the recession.

HEALTHandMED.com would like your help in providing a year of therapy for Ginger. We are raising $1500, which will provide a year of treatment. To reach this goal, we will be donating 5% of every FIR Real Sauna sale to Ginger.  To see Ginger riding her horse, go ahead and watch this video: According to Ginger’s mother Maryann Baker (pictured to the right), “She contracted cerebral palsy due to a stroke

during pregnancy. When she’s on a horse there are no disabilities; she’s totally free; she’s beautiful; she loves it; she doesn’t know that she’s going to therapy. And you know; you see the grin on her face; you see the freedom and beauty of this child. We do see an increase in her stamina, in her balance, in her agility, and especially in her core body strength, as well as her confidence level. As the parent of a special needs child this is the very best thing we have ever done for her.” Says Carol Heiden, Director of Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center “That is wonderful that HEALTHandMED.com is working to raise money for Ginger’s riding! Ginger is riding GiGi, a quarter horse mare. If you want to see GiGi you can visit our website.”

Help Ginger continue her therapy today!

To see how the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center is helping Ginger and other kids with disabilities, check out this video.

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Steam VS Infrared Sauna

Apparently, some of us are behind the curve. There is a large and growing segment of the population using Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Saunas instead of steam saunas and they are wondering why the rest of us are not. Let’s see what all the excitement is about. Steam saunas must operate at a higher temperature than infrared saunas in order to get the same results. FIR saunas are able to directly heat our bodies instead of heating the enclosure and air around our bodies. This is possible because of the infrared rays. This form of light ray is the part of the sunlight spectrum that is healthy for us, and invisible. It penetrates our skin directly and heats us from within, which eliminates the difficult breathing environments found in steam saunas. Infrared heat gets deeper into our bodies that steam heat can. This deeper heat penetration is more effective in a good detox. Muscle relaxation improves because at a 2-3 inch or 5-8 cm level of penetration more muscles are being reached and soothed.

The dry heat that comes from infrared saunas is free of mildew and mold. Steam saunas can be more conducive to spreading and cultivating bacteria. This makes the FIR sauna the more sanitary of the two. According to the International Institute of Holistic Healing, humans sweat differently in a FIR sauna compared to steam saunas. Their research shows that typically the sweat from an infrared sauna contains 15-20% heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia, uric acid and other fat-soluble toxins. Whereas, steam sauna sweat is mostly water with about 3% of it being toxins. FIR saunas are 4-5 times more efficient wit electricity than the average steam sauna. Operating powerfully but at a lower heat requires much less energy. No matter how expensive the power in your area is there will definitely be savings when going with the infrared sauna. In many cases FIR saunas are portable. Their portability is a huge advantage to steam heat saunas and has added to their popularity. Portable saunas can be packed up in just a few minutes and tossed into the back of your compact car. Far Infrared Ray (FIR) saunas are poised to be the sauna of choice in the future. Their ease of use, antibacterial technology, gentleness on the lungs make, and amazing health benefits make them an easy sell.

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Induced Labor Increases C-Section Risk

The growing trend in America of inducing labor has long been an issue that stirs controversy. Induced labor is often planned, but in many cases it is a decision made by a concerned doctor who doesn’t think the pregnancy should go on any longer. Whatever the case, new research is showing a direct link between inducing labor and c-sections. Dr. J. Christopher Glantz at the University of Rochester School of Medicine discovered that inducing labor introduces a risk of 1 to 2 cesareans per 25 inductions, which by waiting for spontaneous labor to begin could have been avoided. In a report in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Glantz emphasized that while c-section procedures have become more common, C-sections are still major surgeries which carry serious risk of infection, blood clots, bleeding, and injury to other organs. Dr. Glantz recommends that pregnant women wait for spontaneous labor, emphasizing that they may be better off doing so. “Try to reserve interventions for situations where risk outweighs benefit,” said Glantz, such as in cases of diabetes, a baby that is not growing well, high blood pressure, problems with the placenta, or a woman being 10 days past her due date.

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Before Shoes Humans Ran Safely and Comfortably

The normal heel-to-toe method of running has come under scrutiny over the years because of its damaging effects on the human body. The damaging impacts that occur from heel-to-toe running are equivalent to two to three times a runner’s body weight. Scientists seem to have found a way to keep runners healthy and happy -running barefoot. Professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University, Daniel E. Lieberman explains, “People who don’t wear shoes when they run have an astonishingly different strike. By landing on the middle or front of the foot, barefoot runners have almost no impact collision, much less than most shod runners generate when they heel-strike. Most people today think barefoot running is dangerous and hurts, but actually you can run barefoot on the world’s hardest surfaces without the slightest discomfort and pain. All you need is a few calluses to avoid roughing up the skin of the foot. Further, it might be less injurious than the way some people run in shoes.” Lieberman goes on to explain that humans have evolved strong, large arches that we use as a spring when running. By running toe-to-heel we are tapping into the body’s natural ability to excel at running safely and comfortably. However, one should be mindful before taking off their shoes. “Running barefoot or in minimal shoes is fun but uses different muscles,” says Lieberman. “If you’ve been a heel-striker all your life you have to transition slowly to build strength in your calf and foot muscles.”

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Eating And Drinking During Labor?

Traditionally, the practice of restricting fluids and food during labor has been thought to be beneficial. Practitioners have held this view since the 1940s. The restriction is thought to prevent Mendelson’s syndrome (named after work by Dr. Carl Mendelson), a very rare, but sometimes fatal, result of regurgitated acidic stomach contents entering into the lungs when a general anesthetic is given. Research coming from Queen’s University is poised to change this long held belief. “Based on our review, there is no convincing and current evidence to support restriction of fluids, and perhaps food, for women during labor. Women should be able to choose for themselves,” says Dr. Joan Tranmer of the Queen’s School of Nursing. “The food and fluid restriction can be stressful and uncomfortable for some pregnant women, especially for those who are in labor for more than 12 hours and unable to eat.” Dr. Tranmer continues, “Instead of eating ice chips, a snack can provide some nourishment, comfort and much needed energy.” Professor Tranmer went on to explain that the use of general anesthesia is quite rare nowadays, and when it is used the techniques have improved so much since the 1940s, that the risk of maternal death or illness is very low.

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Primed Immune Systems -’Good’ Bacteria

It has long been known among medical professionals that taking broad-spectrum antibiotics over a long period of time can lead to severe secondary bacterial infections and the overall weakening of the immune system. Only now researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine seem to have figured out why this is so. “One of the complications of antibiotic therapy is secondary infection,” Jeffrey Weiser, MD, professor of Microbiology and Pediatrics explains. “This is a huge problem in hospitals, but there hasn’t been a mechanistic understanding of how that occurs. We suggest that if the immune system is on idle, and you treat someone with broad-spectrum antibiotics, then you turn the system off. The system is deprimed and will be less efficient at responding quickly to new infections.” For many years researchers have understood that most bacteria in the body are good. In fact, humans  have a symbiotic relationship with these microbes that greatly impact, among other things, metabolism and weight homeostasis. Now we have an even more clear view of bacterial microbes’ effect on the immune system.

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Your Food Choice After Workout Matters

New research coming out of the University of Michigan tells us that “exercise doesn’t occur in a vacuum, and it is very important to look at both the effects of exercise and what you’re eating after exercise.” These new findings are changing how people are looking at their work our regimens. The study’s senior author, Jeffrey F. Horowitz explained that “differences in what you eat after exercise produce different effects on the body’s metabolism.” Researchers concluded that high carbohydrate foods eaten directly after a workout will minimize the benefits on a person’s metabolism. Keep in mind that weight loss is still important for improving metabolic health of overweight and obese people, but these results seem to say that people can still reap important health benefits from exercise without having to under eat or lose weight, Dr. Horowitz said.

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Ionic Foot Detox With the Right Nutrients

Ionic Foot Detox Systems are often found in spas, beauty salons and chiropractic offices. They are used to rid the body of toxins accumulated by the consumption of unhealthy foods or drinks, breathing unhealthy air, taking drugs or being exposed to harmful chemicals. Ionic Foot Detox is said to work by the principle of negative ion generation. The user places their feet in a basin of water along with a pinch of salt and the array (ionizer) which is connected to the control unit. The theory is that, when water is ionized and split into H+ and OH- ions (and sometimes into H3O+ and H2O2 ions), these ions are able to enter the body through the 4,000 large pores of the feet. Then the circulatory and lymphatic systems transport the ions throughout the body. These ions neutralize oppositely charged toxins in the cells that are normally slow to exit the body. In this way, all the body’s organs are energized and stimulated to function optimally. This neutralization of toxins enables them to become excreted in natural ways like perspiration, urination and defecation. Click here to read more about how Ionic Detox works. To get the best results out of ionic foot detoxification, it is important to use the machine correctly for each user’s situation. If ionic detox is attempted too frequently or for too many minutes, this could lead to excess tiredness, dizziness, headaches, hunger or fatigue. When the machine is used too infrequently, the benefits will be minimal. It is recommended that the average healthy adult undergo 30 minute sessions two times per week for 5 weeks. Following the 10 sessions, a maintenance program of 1 session every 7-10 days is recommended. It is recommended that the average healthy 13-17 year old, using the machine with adult supervision, should undergo 15-20 minute sessions one time per week for 10 weeks. Following the 10 sessions, a maintenance program of 1 session every 14 days is recommended. For healthy 10-12 year old children, sessions should be 10-15 minutes. Ionic detox is not recommended for children less than 10 years old. Do not eat or drink anything during the session. After the session, do not move rapidly. Take 3-5 minutes of rest and get up slowly. However, if you become hungry or thirsty, eat or drink 15-20 minutes after the session.

These steps will work for most people under most circumstances. However, we understand that there are exceptions for every rule. If you are interested in recovering from specific ailments, be sure to speak with someone about your condition. Oftentimes you can set up an ionic detox machine to perform a custom program. Adjustable functions of the machine include the modes, treatment durations, frequencies of treatment and total number of treatments should can be customized to fit your objectives, health situation and lifestyle. For example, those recovering from illness and/or surgery may prefer more frequent maintenance treatments to aid in recovery. Therefore, it is important to work together with a health practitioner that is knowledgeable about ionic detox. In addition, it is important to take to take in specific nutrients that will help the body better function to release toxins. The goal is to bring the body back to optimal health. You should never undergo ionic detox without these four nutrients: WATER: Drink 2/3 of a gallon or 2.5 liters of pure water daily that has a pH of 9.0 to 10.0. Alkalized water helps counteract acids ingested via food and produced by the body. HEALTHY FOOD: Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits (limit sweet fruits, wash thoroughly) and grains. FIBER: It is important to maintain optimal colon function by eating enough fiber. This will accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body, which will help to boost the immune system to fight against disease. The best sources of fiber are whole foods (fruits, vegetables and grains.) If you cannot get the recommended amount of fiber this way, you can take a fiber supplement with your food. MINERALS: While ionic detox will change the body’s mineral levels and help it maintain homeostasis, studies have found that it can reduce some trace minerals that the body needs to maintain optimal health. Therefore, it is important to always take a highly assimilable mineral supplement. We recommend these four nutrients for all of the people who are planning be treated with an ionic detox system.

PROBIOTIC: Probiotics are live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit to the person using them. They can improve the function of the immune system and colon, aiding the body’s ability to filter out toxins and increase the absorption of nutrients. It is recommended that a person on an ionic detox program take probiotics three times per day. A 100% plant-based, broad spectrum formula is recommended because it includes a higher lactobacillus strain. This bacteria helps the body to convert lactose into lactic acid, making the environment acidic, which inhibits the growth of some harmful bacteria. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: Digestive enzymes are energized protein molecules essential for the digestion of food, brain stimulation, cell, tissue and organ repair and generating cellular energy. These enzymes are secreted along the gastrointestinal tract and break down food in the body so that nutrients can be absorbed properly. Digestive enzymes are also present in the food we eat but they are inactivated when cooked. They are turned off at a dry-heat temperature of 150F (65C) and a wet temperature of 118F (48C). If our bodies rely too much on their own digestive enzymes, the result is more stress placed on our systems and organs. This leaves less time and energy for other jobs such as rebuilding and replacing damaged cells and tissues and keeping the immune system strong. When one eats plenty of raw foods and takes a high quality whole food enzyme supplement during meals, this can help avoid depletion of the body’s own enzymes, thereby reducing stress. When one is eating enough whole green foods or taking green food supplements, dosages of enzymes may be reduced.

FISH OIL: A high quality, pharmaceutical grade omega-3 fish oil can be an important part of an ionic detox program. They contain eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA,) which help the body to maintain a healthy lipid level. This helps with cardiovascular health, it boosts immunity and has been proven to increase the level of serotonin in the brain. We recommend taking 2 soft gels of omega 3 fish oil with breakfast and dinner (depending on tolerance) during the ionic detox protocol. GREENS: Take a 100% vegetarian whole food greens formula. This will provide primary support for all the body systems.

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Asthma? Vitamin D To The Rescue

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) roughly 1 in 10 American children have asthma, which is double the number that had it in 1980. Additionally, an estimated third of those who have asthma have never been diagnosed, says Dr. James Krieger, chief of epidemiology for Public Health — Seattle & King County. New research from National Jewish Health, in Denver shows that asthmatics with higher levels of Vitamin D in their blood have measurably better lung function than those whose Vitamin D levels are lower. “We showed that in adults with asthma, lower vitamin D levels were associated with lower lung function, an increased propensity for bronchospasm and poorer steroid response,” said Dr. Sutherland, who is chief of the pulmonary division at National Jewish Heath. Dr. Sutherland continued, “Our findings suggest that vitamin D levels influence a number of important features of asthma, including lung function, bronchospasm and therapeutic response to steroids. The next question to answer is whether giving supplemental vitamin D will lead to clinical improvements in patients with asthma, highlighting the need for clinical trials in this area.”

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