New Research: Blackcurrents & Asthma

Asthma is one of the chronic illnesses that many people struggle to deal with effectively. New findings are providing an alternative avenue for dealing with chronic asthma allergies. A New Zealand government-owned science company, Plant & Food Research, is reporting that the natural chemicals in a New Zealand blackcurrent may help with asthma. The researchers observed in laboratory studies that blackcurrent works to suppress lung tissue inflammation as well as minimize it. “To find natural compounds that potentially reduce lung inflammation and complement the body’s own immune response is an exciting breakthrough,” says Dr Hurst of the Plant & Food Research team. Find out more here: Suzanne M. Hurst, Tony K. McGhie, Janine M. Cooney, Dwayne J. Jensen, Elaine M. Gould, Kirsty A. Lyall, Roger D. Hurst. Blackcurrant proanthocyanidins augment IFN-gamma-induced suppression of IL-4 stimulated CCL26 secretion in alveolar epithelial cells. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 12 Mar 2010 DOI: 10.1002/mnfr.200900297

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Pesticides Slow Childhood Development

Research continues to poor in about the harmful effects that chemical pesticides have on humans and the environment. The latest sudy shows how a specific pesticide used in various agricultural settings is linked with delaying childhood development. Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health have found an association between exposure to the pesticide Chlorpyrifos and diminished childhood developmental capabilities. Chlorpyrifos was banned from residential use in 2001 but continues to be widely used in agricultural applications such as fruits and vegetables Lead author of the study, Gina Lovasi explained that “this study helps to fill in the gaps about what is known about the effect of the pesticide chlorpyrifos on the development of young children by showing that there is a clear-cut association between this chemical and delayed mental and motor skill development in children even when there are other potentially harmful environmental factors present.” “Although this pesticide has been banned for residential use in the United States, chlorpyrifos and other organophosphorus insecticides are still commonly used for a variety of agricultural purposes,” explained study co-author Virginia Rauh, ScD, co-deputy director for the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health at the Mailman School of Public Health, and professor of clinical population and family health. “We hope that the results of this study, further demonstrating the neurotoxicity of chlorpyrifos under a range of community conditions, may inform public health professionals and policy-makers about the potential hazards of exposure to this chemical for pregnant women and young children.”

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Plastic Harms Unborn Children

Recent news posts have called attention to the dangerous chemical BPA (Bisphenol A) found in common plastics such as water bottles. New research is furthering the discovery of just how this commonly used plastic chemical can effect the development and long term health of unborn children, via their mothers. “Exposure to BPA may be harmful during pregnancy; this exposure may permanently affect the fetus,” explained Hugh S. Taylor, Ph.D., co-author of the study from Yale University School of Medicine. “We need to better identify the effects of environmental contaminants on not just crude measures such as birth defects, but also their effect in causing more subtle developmental errors.” Exstensive testing is revealing that the exposure to BPA as a fetus continual effects the person in to adult hood. BPA exposure can lead to advanced puberty, fertility problems, altered mammary development, a variety of hormone-related cancers and altered reproductive function. BPA is commonly found in baby bottles and other plastics that mothers and children come in contact with on a daily basis. Gerald Weissmann, M.D., cautioned, “remember how diethylstilbestrol (DES) caused birth defects and cancers in young women whose mothers were given such hormones during pregnancy. We’d better watch out for BPA, which seems to carry similar epigenetic risks across the generations. The BPA baby bottle scare may be only the tip of the iceberg.”

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Negative Ions and Healing

Special ionized rooms have been used in treating burn victims at Philadelphia’s Northeastern Hospital as it was found that negative ions helped tranquilize those in pain. Dr. Robert McGowan also noted that “negative ions make burns dry out faster, heal faster and with less scarring. They also reduce the need for skin grafting. They make the patient more optimistic. He sleeps better.” Himalayan salt rooms have been created to reproduce the therapeutic effects of naturally occurring salt caves, providing for easy breathing from allergy-related and other respiratory ailments. The occupier is surrounded by negative ions, fully enjoying the therapeutic benefits.

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Seaweed: The End of Obesity?

“Obesity is an ever-growing problem and many people find it difficult to stick to diet and exercise plans in order to lose weight,” explained Dr Iain Brownlee -lead researcher at the Newcastle University. “There are countless claims about miracle cures for weight loss but only a few cases offer any sound scientific evidence to back up these claims, he continued.” Dr. Brownlee and his research team have found that a commonly found seaweed fiber reduces fat absorption from food by 75%. The Alginate, or seaweed fiber, is able to prevent the body from absorbing fat from any and all food consumption. Upon completion of their study, Dr. Brownlee explained that “the aim of this study was to put these products to the test and our initial findings are that alginates significantly reduce fat digestion. This suggests that if we can add the natural fibre to products commonly eaten daily — such as bread, biscuits and yoghurts — up to three quarters of the fat contained in that meal could simply pass through the body.” “We have already added the alginate to bread and initial taste tests have been extremely encouraging. Now the next step to to carry out clinical trials to find out how effective they are when eaten as part of a normal diet. These initial findings suggest alginates could offer a very real solution in the battle against obesity, said Dr. Brownlee.”

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Joint Pain and Infrared Saunas

Most people, at some time in their life will suffer from joint pain. To make things worse, joint pain relief is hard to come by. Joint pain treatment comes in many different forms; however, in the end most people are left with only some joint pain relief. While searching for non-invasive ways to deal with joint stiffness and pain, people are finding natural pain relief to be the best way to deal with joint pain. One of the more popular methods of natural pain relief is regular use of an infrared portable sauna. Infrared sauna therapy gets heat deep down into the joints, assuring that the pain relief is where it needs to be. The possibilities for using an infrared sauna for joint pain treatment increased when research to explore its effects on joint stiffness was done. The research showed a twenty percent decline in stiffness for people with rheumatoid finger joints treated at 112F, as compared to patients who’s joints were treated at a lower temperature. When heated to 112F and then stretched, tissues become elongated by about 0.5-0.9% which persists even after the stretching has stopped. When stretching at normal temperatures this does not occur. Researchers have concluded that by doing 20 stretch sessions, a person can increase the length of their tissues by 10-18% when they are heated and stretched. -Justus F Lehmann M.D., Williams and Wilkins, Therapeutic Heat and Cold, 4th edition. When working with ligaments, joint capsules, tendons, fasciae, and synovium that have become scarred, thickened or contracted this stretching method is very useful. By stretching at 112F instead of room temperature, the damage that normally occurs when stretching is much less. Since stretching after sauna use is safer, many athletes make use of the advantages that can be had from a quality, deep stretch. Infrared sauna therapy has clearly shown itself to be a joint pain treatment that is well worth investing in. Joint pain is a serious problem for millions of people everyday. The low impact and non-intrucive pain releif offered by an infrared sauna is changing lives daily.

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New Video: Danger In The Warehouse

This is a quick look at the many nonsensical warehouse adventures had here at the warehouse. Enjoy!

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Vitamin D Prevents Heart Disease, Researchers Say

Scientists have long known that vitamin D is essential for absorption of calcium by our bodies. Recently, research about the many benefits of vitamin D has been coming from all over the world. The latest report gives insight into the ability of vitamin D to lower the risk of getting heart disease. “Vitamin D replacement therapy has long been associated with reducing the risk of fractures and diseases of the bone,” explained Dr. Muhlestein, MD, of the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute. “But our findings show that vitamin D could have far greater implications in the treatment and reduction of cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions than we previously thought.” Dr. Muhlestein, along with other researchers at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute conducted their study with roughly 31,000 patients and found that heart disease is directly associated with low levels of vitamin D. Dr. Heidi May, PhD, a cardiovascular clinical epidemiologist and one of the study’s authors explained that “It was very important to discover that the ‘normal’ levels are too low. Giving physicians a higher level to look for gives them one more tool in identifying patients at-risk and offering them better treatment.” Dr. Muhlestein recommends that the average person should get an additional 1000-5000 IU of vitamin D each day. This is best done either by taking readily available supplements or through 20-30 minutes of sunlight exposure, which naturally produces vitamin D.

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Research, And The Portable Infrared Sauna

The Finns popularized the sauna in our modern era, but they are not the only group of people to have a long history involving one form or another of sauna use. Perhaps the most well known group of people to use the sauna other than the Finns is the Native American people. Their sweat lodges were, and are, very similar to the traditional Finnish saunas used today. The modern infrared ray sauna was first pioneered in the early 1900’s in Germany, where infrared ray saunas are still heavily used today. Decades later in Japan, Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa of the Research and Development Department of Fuji Medical was awarded a patent for the first ceramic infrared heater. This laid the foundation for the more efficient carbon coated ceramic infrared heaters that are used today. Infrared ray saunas have gained popularity over the years since they first exploded out of Japan in the 1980’s. Their healing properties have made them very popular among health practitioners and private users alike. Considerable research has gone into demonstrating the effectiveness of FIR (far infrared ray) saunas over the years. In Japan, infrared sauna research and usage has been going on for many years where researchers and clinicians have completed extensive research on infrared treatments. Their reports have many eye catching findings. Some of these findings are as follows: -Improves micro circulation by exerting strong rotational and vibrational effects at molecular level. – Enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the blood cell to the body’s soft tissue areas. – Promotes regeneration and fast healing. – Increases metabolism between blood and tissue. – Enhances white blood cell function, thereby increasing immune response and the elimination of foreign pathogens and cellular waste products. – Removes accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation which are often at the core of many health problems. – Stimulate the hypothalamus, which controls the production of neurochemicals involved in such biological processes as sleep, mood, pain sensations, and blood pressure.

portable-infrared-saunaIn Japan, there is an “infrared society” composed of medical doctors and physical therapists dedicated to further infrared research. According to their findings, the health benefits of infrared therapy support the idea that infrared saunas should be seen as a method of healing. Dr. Sasaki Kyuo, M.D., has done extensive research on the therapeutic uses of infrared therapy. She is the author of “The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Ray Therapy.” Dr. Kyuo reports successful treatments of many illnesses by using infrared therapy. The list of illnesses include: facial numbness; shoulder, back, and knee pain; weight loss; lower blood pressure. Dr. Kyuo also explained how research done in the US supports her findings. “One of the reasons FIR has beneficial results in a variety of illnesses is the ability of FIR waves to remove toxins, which are often at the core of many health problems. One study done by American researchers showed that the sweat released by users of a FIR sauna was different than the sweat of people using a conventional sauna or doing normal exercise. The non water portion of sweat released in a FIR sauna was cholesterol, fat soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid.” The sweat of people using a conventional sauna was found to be 95 to 97% water while the sweat of those using an Far-infrared thermal system was 80 to 85% water with the non-water portion principally cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals (such as mercury and aluminum), sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid. Far-Infrared, Technologies that Harness the Sun, Valerie Free, 2001. After researching infrared saunas, G. E. Poesnecker, N.D., D.C. shared his opinion that “photobiotherapy (far infrared rays) will become one of the premier healing tools of our future. It will eliminate the need for many of today’s common surgical procedures. I can see the day when every household in the country will have a (FIR) unit on hand. When used properly, it is a safe, effective, natural tool that can enhance, rather than oppose, the body’s own innate healing powers.” Just as various ancient cultures have enjoyed the health benefits of the sauna, so also do we get to enjoy the valuable results of infrared saunas. Meanwhile, additional research continues to come out of labs around the globe and show us evermore ways to improve our health and wellness by using FIR saunas.

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Treating Lymphoma With Seaweed Extract

Current methods of lymphoma treatment are beginning to run into obstacles, such as drug resistance, making treatment more difficult. A new study coming out of the Hashemite University in Jordan is showing promising signs that seaweed will provide new and better treatment possibilities. “Some forms of B-cell lymphoma are especially resistant to standard treatment and thus new therapies are needed,” said Mohammad Irhimeh, Ph.D., one of the researchers. “In this study, we looked at a new treatment strategy using novel active compounds derived from a natural source — seaweed.” Researchers found that seaweed extract had an inhibitory effect on the growth of lymphoma cell lines, while leaving the control healthy cells intact. The scientists also saw a prevalent pattern of activity in the genes that are linked with cell death, in lymphoma. More research is planned for seaweed and lymphoma.

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