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Simple Detox

Everywhere you look there are foods, drinks, gadgets and even complete programs dedicated to body detox. The problem most people are running into when considering a diet detox is that there is confusion surrounding a couple key points. First, what exactly does it mean to detox? Second, how does one best go about detoxifying their body? Put simply, detoxing is the process of cleaning impurities from the blood and the body in general. The body naturally eliminates toxins from the blood through the liver, then the rest of the body through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. However, when your body’s natural system is compromised, impurities aren’t properly filtered and every cell in the body is adversely affected. It is in this state of compromised immune-function that a good detox cleanse is needed. There are many popular and effective methods used for getting a great body detox. Portable Infrared Saunas are one of the most popular among them. This powerful device can take your average detox diet and change it into a truly body cleansing detox. The popularity of portable infrared saunas arose out of their strong ability to detox the everyday user. FIR saunas induce hyperthermia or fever, which is the body’s built in way of riding itself of viruses, bacteria and other toxic compounds through sweating them out through the skin. One of the better known ways to induce a rise in body temperature (hyperthermia) is by using an infrared sauna. The resulting increased blood circulation stimulates the sweat glands, which then expel waste and built-up toxins through the skin.

By inducing a good sweat on a daily basis your body can better detoxify itself of accumulated heavy metals (lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium, aluminum) as well as alcohol, nicotine, sodium, sulfuric acid, arsenic, cholesterol, ammonia, uric acid, hydrocarbon residues, narcotic drugs and hormone disrupting chemicals (dioxins, PCBs, formaldehyde, agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals, gasoline, pesticides, food additives, etc.). Toxins like these are often deposited beneath the skin within the body fat and internal organs. Infrared heat is capable of penetrating deep into the body, causing the water molecules surrounding the cells to resonate. The the frequency of the infrared waves is a match with the natural resonance of the human body, it helps the water molecules to move more freely through the cell membranes. Sweat and oil is then secreted along with the toxins. Obtaining a thorough detox cleanse doesn’t need to have a large ongoing cost or huge amounts of time, you can achieve wonders by simply using a FIR sauna once a day for half an hour or less. Don’t over-complicate your detox, or you won’t stick with it, just keep things simple.

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Scientists: “Fish Oil Fights Breast Cancer.”

Natural medicine practitioners have praised fish oil as an important nutritional supplement for years. Now the mainstream medical establishment appears to be leaning towards a similar conclusion.

The latest research shows that fish oil is a powerfully effective tool for reducing breast cancer risk. The study was conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, led by Emily White, Ph.D. The research showed that regular intake of high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, by means of fish oil supplements, was linked to a 32% less risk of developing the most common type of breast cancer -invasive ductal breast cancer. Dr. White observed that the cancer risk reduction was probably due to that fact that “the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil supplements are higher than most people would typically get from their diet.” “Without confirming studies specifically addressing this,” White cautioned, “we should not draw any conclusions about a causal relationship.” Here at we proudly sell a high quality fish oil/Omega-3 supplement by Garden of Life. Check it out here.

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DEET: Repelling Mosquitos With A Human Neurotoxin?

With summer in full swing many people are having to deal with the seasonal mosquito problem. For decades the repellents of choice have employed the chemical DEET (N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide) as the active ingredient. Researchers are now finding this to be problematic.

Vincent Corbel of the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement in Montpellier, led a team of researchers with Bruno Lapied of the University of Angers, France in an investigation of the toxicity of deet. Corbel said: “We’ve found that deet is not simply a behavior-modifying chemical but also inhibits the activity of a key central nervous system enzyme, acetycholinesterase, in both insects and mammals”. “These findings question the safety of deet, particularly in combination with other chemicals, and they highlight the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to the development of safer insect repellents for use in public health,” continued Corbel. Studies have been ongoing for several years to determine the safety of this common chemical repellent. According to Bahie Abou-Donia of the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C, recent findings are right in line with studies that have previously been conducted. “DEET is a good chemical for protection against insects,” Abou-Donia explained. “But prolonged exposure results in neurological damage, and this is enhanced by other chemicals and medications.” Canada has banned using more that 30% DEET in bug repellent products, while here in the U.S. products with 100% DEET are still on the shelves.

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Natural Antibiotics: Honey

Honey, scientists are saying, is now understood to contain powerful naturally occurring antibiotics that may hold great potential for fighting disease. Researchers from the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam are telling us that for the first time they now understand why honey has held such a prominent place in natural medicine. The study was published in the July 2010 issue of the FASEB Journal. The scientists explain that when bees make honey they insert a protein called defensin-1 that may be used to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria in the near future. “Honey or isolated honey-derived components might be of great value for prevention and treatment of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria,” said Sebastian A.J. Zaat, Ph.D., a researcher involved in the work from the Department of Medical Microbiology at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. “We’ve known for millennia that honey can be good for what ails us, but we haven’t known how it works,” explained Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of the FASEB Journal, “Now that we’ve extracted a potent antibacterial ingredient from honey, we can make it still more effective and take the sting out of bacterial infections.” Source:

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Lung Cancer -Reducing The Risk With B Vitamins

Currently around 150,000 people die each year from lung cancer. New research is telling us that B vitamins play a crucial role in preventing and lowering the risk of developing this deadly cancer. Lung cancer forms in the tissues of the lung, specifically in the cells lining air passages. There are two main types, small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Both types are diagnosed based on how the cells look under a microscope. No matter the type of lung cancer, B vitamins appear to be a key player in preventing this disease,  according to the scientists at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France. Their research states that, “Serum levels of vitamin B(6) and methionine were inversely associated with risk of lung cancer.” It appears that B vitamins help to maintain DNA integrity and regulate gene expression and thus affect cancer risk. See more at PubMed See our whole food B vitamin supplement at the store.

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Beetroot, Study of Nature’s Blood Pressure Medicine

Many high blood pressure sufferers are familiar with the common nitrate pills that reduce blood pressure. Many people who have been searching for a natural way to get the same results will need to look no further. According to a new study beetroot juice appears to be the natural remedy of choice. Amrita Ahluwalia, Professor of Vascular Biology at Queen Mary’s William Harvey Research Institute, the author of the study, explained that because of the naturally occurring nitrate in the beetroot juice, people are able to find similar relief to what they would find with nitrate pills. “We showed that beetroot and nitrate capsules are equally effective in lowering blood pressure indicating that it is the nitrate content of beetroot juice that underlies its potential to reduce blood pressure. We also found that only a small amount of juice is needed – just 250ml – to have this effect, and that the higher the blood pressure at the start of the study the greater the decrease caused by the nitrate,” explained Dr. Ahluwalia. “We gave inorganic nitrate capsules or beetroot juice to healthy volunteers and compared their blood pressure responses and the biochemical changes occurring in the circulation,” he continued. “Our previous study two years ago found that drinking beetroot juice lowered blood pressure; now we know how it works.” This ground breaking research could lead to natural treatments for high blood pressure that have not previously been available to the public.

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C-Sections, Let The Bacteria Decide

In the United States roughly 30% of babies are born via c-section. In China that number is around 50%. As babies around the world are delivered via c-section ever more frequently, health professionals are looking closer at some of the possible risks of non-traditional methods of delivery. A study coming from a team of scientists from Puerto Rico, Colorado and Venezuela reveals that newborns are exposed to drastically different bacteria depending on whether they are born vaginally or by c-section. “These differences we are seeing in this study might be related with increased health risks in C-section babies, although more research is needed,” explained co-lead study author Maria Dominguez-Bello of the University of Puerto Rico. “In a sense, the skin of newborn infants is like freshly tilled soil that is awaiting seeds for planting — in this case bacterial communities,” said Fierer of CU-Boulder’s ecology and evolutionary biology department. “The microbial communities that cluster on newborns essentially act as their first inoculation.” As further studies are produced many people are watching to see whether or not further evidence against the safety of c-sections materializes.

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Toxins Found In Fish Oil

Polluted fish habitat around the world appears to be the culprit behind a new lawsuit being filed in California. Plaintiffs are unhappy with what appears to be industrial pollutions in multiple Omega-3 abundant fish oil supplements. The lawsuit lists five specific manufacturers of supplements that contain polychlorinated biphenyl compounds. Large institutions such as the drugstores CVS and Rite Aid, which sell fish oil products, and the world’s largest producer of omega-3 fish oil, Omega Protein Inc., of Houston are some of the defendants. Omega-3 supplements are not necessarily regulated at the federal level which has led to California establishing its own limits, which appear to have been violated, according to some recent tests. Producer of a Norwegian cod liver oil, Twin labs responded to claims of toxicity upon hearing about the test results. “Twinlab cannot comment on the validity or accuracy of the test results.” said spokesman Justin Boone, adding that Twinlab products are  reported as having some of the lowest impurities levels. Stephen McCauley,  the PR spokesman for Pharmavite LLC, which makes Nature Made fish oil supplements, explained that its products comply with federal laws in addition to “the stringent industry standards” established by the trade group the Council for Responsible Nutrition. One of the plaintiffs, Chris Manthey, said, “Many of them say their supplements have been ‘treated’ to remove or reduce PCBs. Since they don’t say how much PCB contamination is still left, even consumers who choose ‘treated’ supplements can’t know what PCB levels they’re swallowing.” Erin Hlasney of the Council for Responsible Nutrition defended the fish oil supplements saying, “PCBs are ubiquitous within the environment, which means that all fish – whether fish found in oceans and rivers or fish oil supplements – contain at least trace amounts of PCBs. The lawyers are using California’s Prop. 65 statute to bring attention to their case by attempting to frame this as a public health concern, when in reality, fish oil has enjoyed decades of safe use.” The issue of having the right to know what is in a given supplement appears to be a large part of this debate. More accurate labeling. To know more visit the Fish Oil Safety website. At we have gone out of our way to source a highly trusted source for Omega-3 rich fish oil. Our supplement manufacturers were not on the list of fish oils containing toxins.

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Probiotics In The ICU

Once again the benefits of probiotics are showing up in news. This time researchers have discovered the specific benefits that the “good bacteria” can yield with certain patients in an intensive care unit (ICU). According to scientist at the Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska, the therapeutic use of probiotics on critically injured patients reduced incidences of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) by roughly 50%. The study will be published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. With around 30% of ICU patients having complications with VAP and doctors warning that “patients with VAP have increased morbidity, mortality and hospital costs as well as prolonged intensive care unit (ICU) and hospital lengths of stay, and increased costs,” there is great urgency to find ways to prevent infections such as those that cause VAP. “We chose to study probiotics in this context because VAP is increasingly caused by pathogens associated with antimicrobial resistance and the supply of novel antibiotics is essentially nonexistent for the foreseeable future,” explained Lee E. Morrow, M.D., M.Sc., associate professor of medicine at Creighton University and lead author. “The implication is that novel methods of prevention must be our priority.” After five years of research the data strongly suggests “that Lactobacillus may represent a novel, inexpensive (retail price, $2.13 per day for four tablets as administered per protocol), and non-antibiotic approach to prevention of nosocomial infections in properly selected ICU patients,” said Dr. Morrow. Find the full report here. Note: A top selling probiotic here at is called Primal Defense. Click here to see this popular probiotic.

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The Flu, 7 Ways To Fight Back

Most Americans are experiencing increasing frustration with their options for dealing with the flu. The flu itself brings enough grief as is, but to add to the problem, flu shots are often seen as the only way to stay healthy. Fortunately, there are alternatives. The choice to vaccinate has long been seen as controversial to many Americans. Mike Adams of Natural News recently put together some useful information about flue vaccinations. “Scrutinizing the existing studies that claim to support vaccines reveals that flu vaccines simply don’t work. And when vaccines aren’t available or the formulation is wrong, there’s no spike in death rates, indicating quite conclusively that these vaccines offer no reduction in mortality.” Adams then said: “Flu vaccines only produce antibodies in people who don’t need vaccines. At the same time, they fail to produce antibodies in people who are most vulnerable to flu. Thus, vaccines only work in people who don’t need them.” Mike Adams is not the only one that disapproves of H1N1 vaccinations. On Oct. 9, 2009 – Health freedom attorney Jim Turner filed a lawsuit in Washington D.C. in an urgent effort to halt the distribution of the swine flu vaccine in America. On behalf of plaintiffs Dr. Gary Null and other licensed health care workers of New York State, the lawsuit charged that the FDA violated the law in its hasty approval of four swine flu vaccines by failing to scientifically determine both the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. CBC News in Canada reported disturbing findings: “Four Canadian studies involved about 2,000 people, health officials told CBC News. Researchers found people who had received the seasonal flu vaccine in the past were more likely to get sick with the H1N1 virus.”

The risks associated with vaccines can by avoided by utilizing the body’s natural methods for withstanding illnesses like the flu. Listed below are some of the seven most useful ways to ward off or defeat the flu. Fitura Power-Immune: This tincture is made from 12 of the most powerful antiviral herbs known to man. It is most effective when taken regularly, as a form of prevention. This way the body can steadily build a healthier immune system, something that cannot be fully accomplished overnight.

Ultimate Defense: Rather than a group of dead isolates or synthetic chemicals, this is an herbal detoxification aid, in a live, enzyme-containing complex. The human immune system and its general health depends upon live nutrients for the healthy function of prevention and defense mechanisms.

Detoxifiber Fiber Blend: Fiber is important in the diet for proper digestion, where the daily recommended intake for adults is 25-30 grams. Ideally this would all come from our diets, but getting that last bit can be difficult, especially since many of us do not eat enough fiber rich foods.

CaroC Whole Food Concentrate with Vitamin A and C Complexes: Vit A and C are essential to healing processes, such as cellular growth and repair mechanisms, skin support and function and the repair of smooth muscle tissues.

Portable Far Infrared Sauna: The Far Infrared Ray heat emitted from these portable saunas penetrates deep into the body and draws out toxins which then boosts the body’s ability to heal itself with the immune system.The far infrared rays emitted by these saunas are part of the sun’s natural spectrum, just beyond visible red.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath: When water is ionized these ions are able to enter the body through the 4,000 large pores of the feet. Then the circulatory and lymphatic systems transport the ions throughout the body. These ions neutralize oppositely charged toxins in the cells that are normally slow to exit the body. In this way, all the body’s organs can become energized and stimulated to function optimally. The body then rids itself of these toxins through its normal processes of urination, defecation and sweating. Being frustrated by the flu can be discouraging, but there is no need to worry. Using one or more of these natural methods to prevent or fight the flu virus will go a long way to optimize your immune system and keep you in good health.

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