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Research Finds Fertilizers Harming Wildlife

Chemicals used in fertilizers appear to be more harmful to the environment, especially to water born animals, than researchers had Read More →

The Origin Of Cancer

1) What is the origin of cancer? Where does cancer begin? Cancerous tissue, above all other consequences of choice, has Read More →

Eating Grapefruit Burns Fat

The body’s natural process of taking stored fat and turning it into energy has just been linked to a naturally Read More →

Black Rice Higher In Antioxidants Than Berries

Move aside berries, black rice has just been shown to be the better source of antioxidants, without all the natural Read More →

How Exercise Alters Appetite

A new reason to exercise has just surfaced from the scientific community. Burning calories and triggering endorphins can welcome another Read More →

Berries Naturally Remove Brain Toxins

Berries have long had the reputation of being an excellent source of antioxidants, but new research is showing that berries Read More →

Home Brewed vs Bottled Tea

For the first time researchers have measured healthful antioxidant levels in commercially available bottled tea beverages and found that there Read More →

ADHD Linked To Food Pesticides

Common pesticides found on fruit and vegetables are being linked to attention disorders in young children who were exposed to Read More →

Chicken Farm Food Linked To Water Pollution

New research has revealed a troubling connection between chicken farming and water pollution. Arsenic that starts as a common product Read More →

Pain Killers Linked To Asthma

Scientists are now reporting that acetaminophen, ┬áthe active ingredient in pain killers like Tylenol, appears to be the cause of Read More →