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Medical Placebo Controversy

A study has just been published that looks into the mostly overlooked ingredients of placebo pills used in clinical trials and medical testing. The results are stirring controversy.

Researchers directed by the University of California Foundation Fund examined the data from several major medical journals for a two year period. The intent of the researchers investigation was to ascertain exactly how many medical studies list the ingredients of the placebo on average. “Most studies did not disclose the composition of the study placebo,” the study revealed. The researchers found that nearly 92% of the studies did not list their placebo ingredients. The danger of not knowing the ingredients of a medical study’s placebo are obvious. If the pharmaceutical company wants their new drug to yield benefits to the test subjects, they simply have to use placebo ingredients that adversely affect the condition that the new drug is supposed to mitigate. For a new drug to be considered a success it must simply be of more benefit to the test subjects than doing nothing, which is what the placebo is intended to represent. “Placebos were seldom described in randomized, controlled trials of pills or capsules. Because the nature of the placebo can influence trial outcomes, placebo formulation should be disclosed in reports of placebo-controlled trials,” concluded the research group.

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Study: Everyday Chemicals Harm Fish

Long standing theories about the effects of man made chemicals on wildlife have been validated by a new study on fish in the United Kingdom. A four year study, led by the universities of Brunel and Exeter, shows the resulting damage brought about by EDC’s (endocrine disrupting chemicals) on fish populations. EDC’s are found in everyday products like hand soap, plastic containers, birth control pills and hormone replacement drugs, among others.

Fish in the study were found to have their ability to reproduce diminished by nearly 80% due to exposure to the endrocrine disrupting chemicals. “Clearly this raises concerns about the implications on the future for wild fish populations living in UK rivers, but there’s also much wider issues raised by these findings. Some of the effects seen in fish could occur in other animals too as hormone systems are quite similar across all vertebrates,” said Charles Tyler, from the University of Exeter’s Biosciences department. “EDCs have been tentatively linked with human health impacts too, including, falling sperm counts and cardio-vascular disease. These findings remain more controversial,” Added Tyler. “In contrast, we have shown, unequivocally that environmental oestrogens alter sexual development in fish and now, through this study, that this can impact on their ability to breed”. “Fish still share many biological links with humans and the fact that their reproduction has the potential to be affected by EDCs is certainly a cause for concern. From a risk assessment point of view, these results are very significant,” concluded Tyler.

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Asthma Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency

Researchers have been looking for possible links between vitamin D and asthma for years. New research has just emerged that shows a strong connection between the two. The report was published in the online journal American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

Results from the study showed that “after adjusting for age, sex, body mass index, income, and treatment group, insufficient vitamin D status was associated with a higher odds of any hospitalization or emergency department visit.” We measured 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in sera collected from 1024 children with mild-to-moderate persistent asthma at the time of enrollment in a multicenter clinical trial of children randomized to receive budesonide, nedocromil, or placebo (as-needed β-agonists): the Childhood Asthma Management Program. Using multivariable modeling, we examined the relationship between baseline vitamin D levels and the odds of any hospitalization or emergency department visit over the 4 years of the trial,” continued the study’s authors. Studies linking asthma to deficiencies in vitamin D are not new, but each round of research paints a clearer picture of how the two are linked. At HEALTHandMED we carry a very popular product that many of our long time customers have found helpful in mitigating the issues surrounding asthma. The Himalayan Salt Air Inhaler has been found to be a useful tool for combating asthma when used either in conjunction with vitamin D or by itself.

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Bountiful Baskets To Use HEALTHandMED Warehouse

This winter season, HEALTHandMED is letting Bountiful Baskets food co-op use their warehouse on Saturday mornings from 6-8 am.  Bountiful Baskets is a non-profit organization that helps people get fruits and vegetables at cheap prices.  Saturday was the first day.

Bountiful Baskets Food Co-Op is a group of people who work together for mutual benefit. This is a grassroots, all volunteer, no contracts, no catch co-operative. Since there are no employees at Bountiful Baskets, members pay rock bottom prices on food.

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Should 50% of Us Be Taking GTF Complex?

It’s nothing to be proud of. Half of all Americans are way overweight. Is this a result of abundance and relative affluence, or just bad eating? Clearly, it’s the latter. Fast foods, junk foods and high-carb foods lead to obesity. Unlike many health problems, obesity is one that you can spot without a diagnosis. It also gives you an insight into other possible conditions affected by excessive pounds, including cardiovascular stress, lower body strain and digestive problems , to name a few. Inflammatory conditions may even be involved, as high sugar leads to inflammation, and inflammation has been cited in diseases from cardiovascular to skin conditions. The best place to start is with GTF Complex. Take a load off the pancreas, which, by the way, cannot be expected to work overtime forever without giving out. Once it does this, you’re dealing with diabetes. For blood sugar blues, use GTF Complex, Green Nutrients and DigestPlex. You will be back on track before you can say: “Glucose Tolerance Factor.”

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New Donation Campaign For “The Happy Factory” will be donating $15 from every FIR Real Portable Infrared Sauna purchased to The Happy Factory. Each donation of $15 can help build 30 toys for children around the world.

The Happy Factory has been building toys in Cedar City, Utah since 1995. The initial reception of the toys prompted them to expand. They named their workshop “The Happy Factory” because of the happiness it brings to them and to the children who receive the wooden toys. In the process, they have learned that toys are not simply playthings, but tools that help unlock a child’s ability to think and to cope with the world around them. What started as a hobby has turned into a full time labor of love. The Happy Factory is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The toys are made of scraps of hardwood donated by a local cabinet maker. The organization is run entirely on a volunteer basis. The Happy Factory will use donations to cover the costs of everything from keeping the lights on, to saw blades, to wheels and axles for the toys they make.

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Yoga Reduces Fibromyalgia Pain

Sufferers from the chronic, unyielding pain that is associated with fibromyalgia can now find a friend in the ancient practice of yoga. New research is showing that much of the pain from FB (fibromyalgia) can be mitigated by practicing yoga.

In a study published in the November issue of PAIN, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University announced that pain can be reduced by an average of 24 percent, fatigue by 30 percent and depression by 42 percent for people suffering from FB. Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition affecting eleven million individuals in the US. FM drug therapies are generally only 30% effective at reducing symptoms and 20% effective at increasing function. “Previous research suggests that the most successful treatment for fibromyalgia involves a combination of medications, physical exercise and development of coping skills,” said James Carson, Ph.D., a clinical health psychologist and an assistant professor of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine in the OHSU School of Medicine. “Here, we specifically focused on yoga to determine whether it should be considered as a prescribed treatment and the extent to which it can be successful.” “Although yoga has been practiced for millennia, only recently have researchers begun to demonstrate yoga’s effects on persons suffering from persistent pain,” commented Carson. “The Yoga of Awareness program stands in contrast to previous multimodal interventions with FM patients in that it integrates a wide spectrum of yoga-based techniques – postures, mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, application of yogic principles to optimal coping, and group discussions.…the findings of this pilot study provide promising preliminary support for the beneficial effects of yoga in patients with FM.” Dr. Carson and fellow researchers noted, “In addition, the results suggested the yoga intervention led to a beneficial shift in how patients cope with pain, including greater use of adaptive pain coping strategies (i.e., problem solving, positive reappraisal, use of religion, activity engagement despite pain, acceptance, relaxation) and less use of maladaptive strategies (i.e., catastrophizing, self-isolation, disengagement, confrontation).”

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Cerebral Palsy Therapy Goal Achieved!

Not too long ago made the goal to raise $1,500 for a young girl with cerebral palsy named Ginger Roth. The idea was to make it possible for her to continue receiving treatments at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center. Well, we’ve reached our goal! Ginger can now continue her much needed therapy. Thanks to all of you who in any way contributed to this worthy goal. Check back later this week to see what we at HEALTHandMED are up to for our next project. Think toys, lots of toys…

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When What You Eat Effects Weight Gain

New research shows that eating  when your body’s metabolism doesn’t want you to plays a role in weight gain. These findings are to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The study specifically focused on how nighttime light affects when we desire to eat, which then in turn affects our body  mass index. “Light at night is an environmental factor that may be contributing to the obesity epidemic in ways that people don’t expect,” said Randy Nelson, co-author of the study and professor of neuroscience and psychology at Ohio State. “Societal obesity is correlated with a number of factors including the extent of light exposure at night.” The scientists studied the effects of night time light by observing its affects on mice. “Although there were no differences in activity levels or daily consumption of food, the mice that lived with light at night were getting fatter than the others,” said Laura Fonken, lead author of the study and a doctoral student in neuroscience at Ohio State University. “Something about light at night was making the mice in our study want to eat at the wrong times to properly metabolize their food,” said Nelson. “When we restricted their food intake to times when they would normally eat, we didn’t see the weight gain,” Fonken said. “This further adds to the evidence that the timing of eating is critical to weight gain.” If these same results prove valid in humans, this study indicates that late night eating, as well as chronic exposure to night time lighting may contribute to obesity.

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Making Biodiesel Now Faster and Greener

Biodiesel proponents are buzzing with excitement about the news of a greener and faster way to convert used vegitable oil into biodiesel. Two chemists from Brown University have figured out a way to convert used vegitable oil into biodiesel in 20 minutes, as compared to 2 hours. In addition to the faster conversion time the researchers also discovered how to complete the entire process without using toxic chemicals.

The research was published this week in the journal Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.With the future of biodiesel looking to play a considerable role in the future fuel supply, scientists are continually looking for methods that do not compromise the environment in order to obtain greater efficiencies. “We wanted to develop an environmentally benign and technically simple way to convert waste vegetable oil into biodiesel,” said Jason Sello, assistant professor of chemistry. “The production of energy at the expense of the environment is untenable and should be avoided at all costs.” The scientists were able to replace the hazardous chemicals with the more benign catalysts bismuth triflate and scandium triflate, which are chemically stable, cheap and of limited toxicity. “While we have not yet proven the viability of our approach on an industrial scale,” Sello said, “we have identified very promising catalysts and reaction conditions that could, in principle, be used for large-scale conversion of waste vegetable oil into biodiesel in an environmentally sensitive manner.”

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