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Negative Ions and Purified Air

Negative ions vs. Filter-type air cleaner – Negative ions cleanse the air by attaching itself to dust, pollen or other Read More →

Portable Infrared Sauna Set-Up

Enjoy this quick visual guide to setting up a portable infrared sauna. Setting up the FIR-Real portable sauna is a Read More →

Sunshine And Skin Cancer: Part I of II

Contrasting reports, conflicting evidence, and dazzling displays of monetarily driven misinformation have complicated the task of figuring out what the Read More →

Gestational Diabetes and Pregnancy Weight Gain

Weight gain for a pregnant woman seems like a given to most people. What most of us don’t think about Read More →

New Research: Garlic Fights Cancer

Garlic has long been held in high regard as an effective and natural source for healing. New research is giving Read More →

Hooked on Cross Country Skiing

One of the reasons that we moved to Cedar City, Utah from the Chicago area was to be able Read More →

Biggest Shipping Day Ever

We have seen continual growth here at and last week we set a new record. We shipped so many Read More →

Napping Improves Ability to Learn

The routine nap is common place for children, but somewhere along the way most people grow out of the habit Read More →

An Essay, by Ginger Roth

Since launched it’s fundraiser last week for Ginger Roth’s therapy at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center, there has been Read More →

Zen Meditation Reduces Physical Pain

There does not seem to be any end to humanities search for ways to deal with pain. Zen meditation has Read More →