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Our New Ionic Foot Detox DVD!

We have and continue to work hard to help our customers understand and correctly use their foot baths. This past week we finished creating a DVD showing live video and audio for each machine we sell. This DVD is a step by step guide of how to use your machine, how to troubleshoot it, and how to take care of your machine and arrays. This DVD is FREE with every purchase of a HEALTHandMED ionic detox foot bath system. It is also available for individual purchase here. If you have any other questions please leave them in the comments and we will address them in our next frequently asked questions post.

Our New Instructional DVD walks you through each step of using our ionic foot detox machines from what to bring for your session to filling the basin and adding the salt.

DVD Features:3398_1_

  • Step by Step of the following systems: FB321, FB401, FB622B, FB621, FB631, FB632, FBPRO, FB802, FB102, FB804 and FB803.
  • In-Depth Troubleshooting
  • Array Cleaning Instructions
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Where to Buy Himalayan Salt Products

Salt lamps are one of the most popular types of therapeutic home décor items. They give off a charming glow and are aesthetically pleasing is various types of rooms, from smoking areas to nursing homes, spas and bedrooms. No matter where you want to place a salt lamp, it will most definitely make a lovely addition, regardless of whether it’s perched atop a coffee table or a computer desk.

In order for a salt lamp to work properly, it must have the appropriate type of salt in it. Table salt and cooking salt is not the same type of salt as the kind that is required for salt lamps. Himalayan salt products are the ones that must be used with salt lamps. This type of salt comes from the Himalayan Mountains, which is where the products get their names of Himalayan salt products.

Himalayan salt products are constructed of the healthiest salt in the world that has health benefits that are unsurpassed by other products. Himalayan salt in the purest salt in the world and has not been contaminated by any toxins or pollutants at all. Himalayan salt has vital trace minerals that make it extremely precious. This type of salt has spent more than 250 million years maturing and without any exposure to impurities. It matures under extreme tectonic pressure to make it the purest type of salt that there is.

Salt crystal lamps have a variety of benefits, some of which are that they neutralize positively charged contaminants like allergens, mold, mildew, pet odors and more. They do this by conducting a natural release of negative ions into the air. In addition to these benefits that they offer, they also make ideal night lights and offer soothing light that isn’t too bright. Consequently, they are energy efficient and run off of a low wattage bulb. They also never need a filter change, unlike some other types of lamps. You can even get some salt lamps that plug into wall outlets or USB outlets. For a soothing light that offers you a variety of benefits as well, consider investing in salt lamps.

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Decorate Your Home With Himalayan Salt Lamps

There are a variety of types of home décor items that you decorate your home with. However, one of the most innovative types of home décor items that makes a great addition to any home are Himalayan salt lamps. Just as their name implies, Himalayan salt lamps are derived from the salt of the Himalayan Mountains. Because this salt is housed under extreme pressure within the mountain, it is free from the impurities and other harmful toxins that other types of salt like cooking salt and table salt has.

Himalayan salt has matured within the mountains for more than 250 million years. Because of its absence of trace minerals, it is considered much more precious than other types of salt. Himalayan salt isn’t absorbed by the body as much as other types of salt are, making it the healthier option for your body. Many people use Himalayan salt to detox and perform other healthful functions and routines with. Himalayan salt is a natural crystal salt that promotes a healthy balance and never contributes to high blood pressure like other types of salt does.

Salt lamps are therapeutic additions to any room. They can be placed on end tables, coffee tables, computer desks, office desks and various other locations to add a soothing and charming touch to any space. They are ideal for smoking areas, nurseries, spas, yoga spaces, bathrooms and anywhere else in the home or office where you want to add a bit of a therapeutic touch. Salt lamps never have to have their filter changed, unlike some other types of lamps, which makes them extremely easy and convenient for you to maintain. Plus, you can get ones that plug into wall outlets as well as those that have USB plug-ins so that you can plug your salt lamp up no matter where you are.

Himalayan salt lamps are energy efficient since they use a low wattage bulb. Additionally, they make for perfect nightlights. Here at, we have a variety of salt lamps for you choose from in various styles that are designed to meet virtually every design scheme.

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Himalayan Salt Products

Have you heard about the ways that Himalayan salt products are beneficial to your health? In the country of Pakistan, this is one organic treasure that has finally made its way to the outside world. More than regular table salt, it is also used as a decoration. However, what gets this unique salt the most attention is its long-standing alternative medicine applications in Southwest Asia and the West. Once you learn more about Himalayan salt, you will understand why it has a natural place in your home.

Keeping you and your family healthy

One of the primary goals of Himalayan salt products is to keep your family’s health optimal. In many cases, individuals that purchase Himalayan salt-related alternative health products indicate that there was an improvement. In particular, benefits can be reaped from the inhalers and detoxers. Used one to two times everyday, the detoxer foot bath and the specially prepared inhaler formulas are highly rated by users. Of course, it can be just as beneficial to regularly eat Himalayan table salt with your meals.

Health benefits for animals

Did you know that some animals need salt to stay healthy? A common trick for deer hunters is to place a salt lick to lure them. While you may not have deer around your residence that need some support, chances are that your pets or livestock could. Primarily, cows, goats, sheep and horses can enjoy a salty treat packed with extra beneficial mineral compounds.

Decorations and replacement parts

Throughout Southwest Asia, Himalayan salt products geared toward health remedies are common. Despite this, it is also normal to find entire rooms built from Himalayan salt bricks. Since it is semi-transparent, unique-colored bricks of Himalayan salt are regularly used as stained glass. Due to its warm glow and interesting colors, the salt is sought out outside of Southwest Asia in the form of home decorations. In particular, you can find products made of Himalayan salt that are used as candle holders, baskets and lamps. Naturally, when you need replacement cords and bulbs, you can always find them at our website store.

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Himalayan Salt Lamps Purify the Air

If you want to be be able to perform some health treatments at home that you would normally receive at a clinic or wellness center, the HEALTHandMED website likely has the products you need. Items like Himalayan salt lamps, along with other systems and equipment that can detoxify the body are available at the online store as well.

Himalayan salt lamps purify the air and can eliminate unpleasant odors. The item is ideal for people who suffer from allergies and asthma, as it has the ability to neutralize harsh odors and substances in the air like cigarette smoke or pet dander. The lamp is also beneficial for getting rid of the odors left behind from mold and mildew, and helping to draw these impurities from a room. The product makes a great night light and uses a low-wattage bulb so it only it doesn’t require a huge amount of electricity.

In addition to Himalayan salt lamps, HEALTHandMED also offers the iconic foot detox. This process requires you to give you foot a bath in chemicals that are tested to determine which impurities are being expelled from your body via your feet. HEALTHandMED offers all the accessories and supplies you’ll need to complete the foot detox, including a cleaning brush, plastic lines to keep the area clean, a yoga CD and a variety of foot tub basins to perform the detox in.

If you’re looking for nutritional supplements, HEALTHandMED can provide you with the products that will assist you in maintaining your health regimen. Living coconut oil is among the products offered. The oil has antimicrobial properties that can cure skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, and can be used as a cooking oil to make meals healthier. Or, you may want to purchase a bottle of bilberry, which helps to improve eyesight and preserve the ocular cells.

Make purchases on the HEALTHandMED website is easy, since you can complete the entire purchase online or call the toll-free number on the website to place your order. The company also offers a 14-day money back guarantee to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

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