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Foot Bath System With Electrical Stimulation

If you’ve been looking for an effective way to rid your body of toxins, you may want to try the ionic detox foot bath offered on the HEALTHandMED website. When you use the components of the foot bath, you’ll see which free radicals and harmful substances have collected in your body. The water in the basin where you put your foot for the detox treatment will change color as the toxins are expelled from your body. This type of treatment is beneficial for people who are experiencing chronic health problems, as well as those who want to regularly rid their bodies of the free radicals that are accumulated simply by spending time outdoors or using certain household products.

HEALTHandMED also offers a number of other products that customers can purchase in addition to the ionic detox foot bath products. For instance, you may want to give your feet a revitalizing massage after the detox treatment, and HEALTHandMED has an array of essential oils you can use. For instance, Angelica root oil helps to relieve inflammation and further remove impurities from the skin, and can also help to soothe a cough or help you get rid of a cold. Lemon oil can improve circulation in the feet, and has a bright, pleasant scent that can help to invigorate your senses.

There are several items that will improve the appearance of the skin and prevent premature aging. These products work well with the foot bath to keep the body looking its best. The microdermabrasion treatments are designed to remove dirt and impurities from the skin and minimize the look of pores. There are also supplements at the online store that will help to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles and give skin a healthy glow, which is the perfect way to maintain the cleansing effects of the foot bath.

To order from the HEALTHandMED online store, you can make your purchase through our website or utilize the toll-free number. We also offers a 14-day money back guarantee for your convenience.

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FIR Infrared Sauna Blanket

HEALTHandMED offers the FIR Infrared Sauna Blanket to enable its users to lose pounds, inches and toxins from the body and to promote overall health. The benefits of a sauna blanket are numerous although it’s simplistic in its approach at ridding the body of excess and foreign materials. If sleep loss, mental fog, sluggishness and other problems are experienced, a sauna bed can be most beneficial at treating and effectively ridding of these problems.

The FIR-Real Far Infrared Sauna Blanket features three separate heat zones to enable the user to select heating option for select areas—the lower body, waist and upper body. The heat can be adjusted anywhere between 77 and 176 degrees. There is an automatic timer as well so that a session of 60 minutes or less can be enjoyed without constant looking at the clock.

Detoxing the body is important, but so too is replacing the body with water and minerals that are lost through sweating. HEALTHandMED truly cares for their customers and reminds them that using ionized alkalized water is best while detoxing with the use of a sauna. It is recommended that customers use the utmost care on using health products to achieve and maintain optimal health.

The sauna bed burns fat through lipolysis, which helps to rid the body of fat in the legs, hips, waist, stomach and arms. The increased perspiration encourages detoxification of waste deposits, such as heavy metals and toxins. In addition, the sauna bed increases the body’s metabolism and helps it to absorb nutrients. It can help to diminish inflammation and promote a restful night of sleep. Overall health is experienced such that energy and mental clarity increases while the body is able to fight off sicknesses better. The benefits offered by the sauna bed extend past these offering physical therapy for neurosis, myalgia and more.

HEALTHandMED offers sauna beds and numerous other health products aimed at improving their customers’ quality of life. Freedom from pain, sickness and other inhibitors promote the quality of one’s life. Achieve health and achieve freedom to live life well.

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Himalayan Salt Products

Have you heard about the ways that Himalayan salt products are beneficial to your health? In the country of Pakistan, this is one organic treasure that has finally made its way to the outside world. More than regular table salt, it is also used as a decoration. However, what gets this unique salt the most attention is its long-standing alternative medicine applications in Southwest Asia and the West. Once you learn more about Himalayan salt, you will understand why it has a natural place in your home.

Keeping you and your family healthy

One of the primary goals of Himalayan salt products is to keep your family’s health optimal. In many cases, individuals that purchase Himalayan salt-related alternative health products indicate that there was an improvement. In particular, benefits can be reaped from the inhalers and detoxers. Used one to two times everyday, the detoxer foot bath and the specially prepared inhaler formulas are highly rated by users. Of course, it can be just as beneficial to regularly eat Himalayan table salt with your meals.

Health benefits for animals

Did you know that some animals need salt to stay healthy? A common trick for deer hunters is to place a salt lick to lure them. While you may not have deer around your residence that need some support, chances are that your pets or livestock could. Primarily, cows, goats, sheep and horses can enjoy a salty treat packed with extra beneficial mineral compounds.

Decorations and replacement parts

Throughout Southwest Asia, Himalayan salt products geared toward health remedies are common. Despite this, it is also normal to find entire rooms built from Himalayan salt bricks. Since it is semi-transparent, unique-colored bricks of Himalayan salt are regularly used as stained glass. Due to its warm glow and interesting colors, the salt is sought out outside of Southwest Asia in the form of home decorations. In particular, you can find products made of Himalayan salt that are used as candle holders, baskets and lamps. Naturally, when you need replacement cords and bulbs, you can always find them at our website store.

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Himalayan Salt Lamps Purify the Air

If you want to be be able to perform some health treatments at home that you would normally receive at a clinic or wellness center, the HEALTHandMED website likely has the products you need. Items like Himalayan salt lamps, along with other systems and equipment that can detoxify the body are available at the online store as well.

Himalayan salt lamps purify the air and can eliminate unpleasant odors. The item is ideal for people who suffer from allergies and asthma, as it has the ability to neutralize harsh odors and substances in the air like cigarette smoke or pet dander. The lamp is also beneficial for getting rid of the odors left behind from mold and mildew, and helping to draw these impurities from a room. The product makes a great night light and uses a low-wattage bulb so it only it doesn’t require a huge amount of electricity.

In addition to Himalayan salt lamps, HEALTHandMED also offers the iconic foot detox. This process requires you to give you foot a bath in chemicals that are tested to determine which impurities are being expelled from your body via your feet. HEALTHandMED offers all the accessories and supplies you’ll need to complete the foot detox, including a cleaning brush, plastic lines to keep the area clean, a yoga CD and a variety of foot tub basins to perform the detox in.

If you’re looking for nutritional supplements, HEALTHandMED can provide you with the products that will assist you in maintaining your health regimen. Living coconut oil is among the products offered. The oil has antimicrobial properties that can cure skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, and can be used as a cooking oil to make meals healthier. Or, you may want to purchase a bottle of bilberry, which helps to improve eyesight and preserve the ocular cells.

Make purchases on the HEALTHandMED website is easy, since you can complete the entire purchase online or call the toll-free number on the website to place your order. The company also offers a 14-day money back guarantee to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

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