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Ultrasonic Cleaners are Back!

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Ultrasonic Cleaners
Sometimes referred to as a sonicator or cavitator, an ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaning instrument that combines the power of ultrasound (sonic wave) and cleaning solution to wash delicate or hard to clean items. Keep in mind that the use of ultrasonics without cleaning fluid will not be effective.

prosonik heated ultrasonic cleaner

ProSonik 2.5L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner
Used in many jewelry workshops, watchmakers’ establishments, and electronic repair workshops. Ultrasonic cleaners are often used to clean watches, surgical and dental instruments, industrial parts, fountain pens, jewelry, lenses and other optical parts and automotive parts.

3l heated ultrasonic cleaner

3L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner
Perfect for cleaning anything! Very popular for jewelry, medical and dental equipment, tools, plus hundreds of more uses. We ship these to hospitals, jewelers, and labs across the country regularly. They are also used in residential homes, for cleaning anything from tableware to small parts. Warranty: 2 Year Free Extended Warranty!

30l heated ultrasonic cleaner

30L (8 Gallon) Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner
1600 Watts – 800 Watts of heating and 800 Watts of ultrasonic. Overall Dimensions: 23.5″ Wide x 17″ Tall x 13″ Deep Inner Tank Size: 19.5″ Wide x 11.5″ Deep x 8″ Height (about 1″ less each direction with basket installed.) Warranty: 2 Year Free Extended Warranty!

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Burn Fat, Tone Muscle and Tighten Skin

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vibration machines
Burn Fat, Tone Muscle and Tighten Skin

During Whole Body Vibration Machine training almost 100% of the muscle fibers are utilized. This improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and metabolism. Whole Body Vibration Machines stimulate muscles which will pump blood into the smallest capillaries of the body. This allows the cells to receive fuel more rapidly and causes waste products to be disposed of much faster. Also, by enhancing your local circulation they help to build a stronger immune system. The Whole Body Vibration Machine builds bone density, fights osteoporosis and reduces your back and joint pains.

Choose the machine works best for you.

vibration machine chart

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