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Chinese Herbs Benefit Allergy Sufferers

The complex issues surrounding allergies have lead to a new study that shows a positive association between allergies and chinese Read More →

Toxic Build-Up Test

1. Do you experience fatigue or low energy level, especially around 3 pm in the afternoon? YES / NO 2. Read More →

Bees Can Cure Mouth Ulcers

A protective, sterilizing product bees make for constructing their hives has just been turned into a powerful medicine for pesky Read More →

How To Spot BPA Free Receipt Paper

The only company in the U.S. that produces a BPA free version of thermal paper, which is the widely used Read More →

Urban Farming Goes Big In Detroit

New research shows that urban farms in Detroit, Michigan have the capacity to produce the majority of the required produce Read More →

How Chocolate Benefits Blood Pressure

There have been many tests done over the years that have shown chocolate to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. Only Read More →

Why Detoxify?

Our bodies accumulate different types of toxins every day through eating, drinking and breathing, as well as exposure to medications, Read More →

New Study: Why Yoga Works

Most peopleĀ  agree that yoga makes them feel better, and a new study has just been published that explains why. Read More →

Fast Food Wrappers Coated With Dangerous Chemicals

A recent study has shown that the chemicals widely used in producing the paper food wrappers used in fast food Read More →

Prostate Cancer Natural Remedy: Soy

A newly discovered component that naturally exists in soy has just been found to prevent the spread of cancer cells. Read More →