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When What You Eat Effects Weight Gain

New research shows that eatingĀ  when your body’s metabolism doesn’t want you to plays a role in weight gain. These Read More →

Making Biodiesel Now Faster and Greener

Biodiesel proponents are buzzing with excitement about the news of a greener and faster way to convert used vegitable oil Read More →

Citrus Juice In Green Tea: 80% More Antioxidants

Scientists are saying that the ever popular and highly regarded green tea can be made even more healthful by adding Read More →

Too Little Sleep Inhibits Burning Fat

One of the reasons so many people struggle to burn fat when working out is due to not getting enough Read More →

Red Himalayan Salt Meets Zion National Park -New Video!

Two of the worlds most beautiful natural places come together in this short film where the outdoors come to life Read More →

Himalayan Salt Groove -New Video!

Check out a few of’s Himalayan Salt Products in this cool 30 second little video, Himalayan Salt Groove. Enjoy…