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Organic Battery Breakthrough

A new discovery by a team of chemists has just shined a light on the possibility of highly efficient organic Read More →

Vitamin B Prevents Alzheimer’s

Scientists have just anounced that B vitamins are linked to preventing the memory loss associated with Alsheimer’s disease. Nearly 20% Read More →

BPA From Dental Work

As you are reading this the FDA is in the middle of an ongoing process to decide on how to Read More →

Sleeping Pills Increase Chance of Death By 36 Percent

New research has just been published about the long term health risks associated with the regular use of medications to Read More →

High Cholesterol & Non-Stick Cookware

The latest bit of research about the chemicals used in non-stick cookware is connecting them to cholesterol in young people. Read More →

Teflon’s Toxic Legacy

Non-stick cookware has gained the reputation of being a possible source of chemical toxins amongst the general populous in recent Read More →

Study Finds Organic Farming Superior

A new study examining the differences between industrial and organic strawberry farming has just shown organic farming to be the Read More →

Cranberries Prevent Drug Resistant Staph Infections

Scientists have discovered a critical new use for cranberry juice. The growing problem of fighting antibiotic resistant staph infections could Read More →