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Chicken Farm Food Linked To Water Pollution

New research has revealed a troubling connection between chicken farming and water pollution. Arsenic that starts as a common product Read More →

Pain Killers Linked To Asthma

Scientists are now reporting that acetaminophen,  the active ingredient in pain killers like Tylenol, appears to be the cause of Read More →

Nitrate Free Cured Meats

In an effort to meet the demand for cured meat that does not contain the chemical preservatives known as nitrates/nitrites, Read More →

Cell Phone Radiation: Best & Worst Phones

The debate about whether or not electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), that cell phones radiate, are dangerous continues throughout the country. The answers about cell phone Read More →

GMO Crops Found In The Wild

One of the warnings that GMO opponents have continually issued since the beginning of Genetically Modified crop use is that Read More →

BPA Damages Sperm

The chemical toxin BPA (Bisphenol A), which is found in plastic food and drink containers, is back in the news. Read More →

Chili Peppers Lower Blood Pressure

There is now one more reason to enjoy chilies with your food. New research shows that chili peppers contain a Read More →